Architecture policy in Scotland 2012

news | 29 may 2012 | Glasgow | Scotland

The Scottish Government is working on new architectural policy. On May 29, 2012 the Minister of culture, Fiona Hyslop, presented the consultation document.

According to Hyslop, the main challenges to create a spatial environment of good quality is in creating successful, thriving and sustainable places and communities. That calls for well designed, green buildings that are worth their money.Barriers to quality development must be tackled through education, skills development and advocacy. Main points in the note are the attention for process (commissioning, procurement and regulations), practice (cooperation and education) and placemaking (promoting social actions).
The intended note is the third in the series since 2001. The presentation of the preliminary draft was part of the International Design Summit 2012 and took place in the architectural and design Institute The Lighthouse in Glasgow, where until 26 August 2012 an exhibition on the occasion of the consultation is furnished. The Scottish Government publishes best practices on

Architectuur Lokaal gave an overview of policy developments in Netherlands; the Danish city architect Tina Saaby showed recent projects in Copenhagen.