English Summary

Architectuur Lokaal
is the independent national centre of expertise devoted to building culture. Building culture goes further than the architectural design of buildings. Building culture connects cultural policy, architectural policy and construction policy. Building culture encompasses spatial planning, urban design, infrastructural works by engineers, and especially architectural design and art in public space. Moreover, architecture is a social, creative activity that has the potential to become art, though not automatically. As a broad cultural notion, building culture is rooted in the history and tradition of a country or region. Building culture is not a matter for professionals alone. Rather, it is the responsibility of society as a whole and of building patrons in particular.

What do we want?
We contribute to a meaningful building culture in the Netherlands by improving patronage in architecture. To that end, we bring together public, private and incidental patrons, professionals who provide design services, and all other parties involved in building culture. We cater in particular for provincial and local officials, public representatives and councillors.

What do we do?
We are a source of information for people preparing building and development plans, and about experiences gained in such processes. We also organise incentive programmes, some of which are commissioned and some initiated by ourselves. They can include preparing and moderating (council) debates, conducting evaluation studies, organising excursions, providing in-company training, and organising prizes and competitions. Architectuur Lokaal maintains close relations with the local architecture centres.
Since early 1993 the Dutch-language periodical Architectuur Lokaal has been issued quarterly.
Our Helpdesk Architectural Commissions and Design contests (Steunpunt Architectuuropdrachten & Ontwerpwedstrijden) advises public and private clients about (European) procurement procedures and competitions (architect services and integrated contracts). Our KOMPAS light digital manuals (free of charge) are compiled on the initiative of the government architect and are widely endorsed by various ministries, designers’ groups, corporations, developers, and the Association of Dutch Municipalities.

Who are we?
We are an independent, non-commercial foundation with a small team of motivated and professional individuals. We respond flexibly and effectively to issues and developments in the professional field and maintain direct personal contacts with an extensive international network. Our informal and pragmatic service, allied to our expertise and precision, have earned us a solid reputation at home and abroad. Based on the cultural and architectural policy of the government, Architectuur Lokaal has grown to become an organisation with an average annual turnover of € 1 million from commissions, subsidies and contributions.
In 2011 Architectuur Lokaal was designated a 'good cause' with a so-called ANBI status (Organisation for the Public Good).

Architectuur Lokaal maintains contact, in Europe and elsewhere, with organisations and persons active in the area of building culture. Sharing expertise is the key aim. Annual reports have been translated into English since 2009. These and other translated publications can be downloaded from this web page.

Annual reports
Building on Ambition, Annual Report 2009
Building on Ambition, Annual Report 2010
Building on Ambition Annual Report 2011