AM I Included? Open Call: Innovative Ideas for the Inclusive City – Architectuur Lokaal

nieuwsbericht | juni 8, 2023

Area and property developer AM has just launched the competition ‘AM I Included?’ at Provada, the trade fair for the property sector. Hilde Blank (AM Concepts) explained why AM chose a competition as a way to generate innovative ideas that shed new light on the ideas behind the inclusive city. Jury members Edwin Oostmeijer (Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling) and Like Bijlsma (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) discussed their decision to become involved in this initiative as jury members.
AM feels committed to its social responsibility and wants to deepen its understanding of this subject by connecting with design parties with a progressive view of this topical issue. AM will reward the winner with a concrete design project. The bilingual competition is being organized in collaboration with Architectuur Lokaal.

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Working method
AM is looking for a working method with feasible proposals for area and living concepts, based on an urban vision, that make the city more inclusive. The inclusive city was developed as a social concept whereby inclusivity denotes the participation of all groups in the social, cultural and economic life of the city. Within the social domain, there are programmes to shape and strengthen the inclusive city. Within the spatial domain, however, there is relatively little knowledge about what aspects can make the inclusive city a success.
Hilde Blank, director of AM Concepts: ‘We invite all parties who feel called upon to take part, whether they are designers, urban sociologists or city makers. For us, this is about generating fresh insights and perspectives that can help make cities belong to everybody.’

Competition The jury will select eight visions and invite the entrants to present their ideas. On the basis of these presentations, the jury will then select four participants for a studio round, in which the proposals will be tested in consultation with property developers and development managers from AM. These four participants will each receive a fee of € 2,400 excluding sales tax. This is the final round of the Open Call. In the follow-up, AM will select one participant for a follow-up in which they tackle a design commission from its portfolio.

You can download the competition regulations here.

The jury consists of Hilde Blank, director of AM Concepts (chair), Elma van Boxel, landscape architect at ZUS, Like Bijlsma, spatial researcher at Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), Emilie Vlieger, city maker / location marketer and programmer Vliegerprojecten and Edwin Oostmeijer, developer at Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling bv. The jury secretary is Vincent Kompier, Architectuur Lokaal, assisted by Bram Talman.

An information meeting took place on 26 June; the presentation of the meeting was published on this web page together with a brochure from AM and the Summary of Additional Information. In this note, the questions asked in the question round were answered. The submission deadline is closed on 27 August at 12.00.

ATTENTION: presentations to the jury on Monday 17 September 2018 in Utrecht
The jury will select 8 entries; the contributors are invited for a presentation on September 17 in Utrecht. Around 4 September, the selected people will be invited and a time schedule will be provided.

NOTE: in the English version a typographical error has occurred at the Regulations, article 5.1. conditions of submission. In the sentence “The entrant in charge must remain a member of the team during the entire competition” the word “many” should be replaced to ‘may’