Eight teams to second phase competition AM I Included – Architectuur Lokaal

nieuwsbericht | maart 24, 2023

For the public AM I Included competition, which AM has issued in June with the request for a vision on the inclusive city, 52 visions from the Netherlands and abroad have been received. The jury, chaired by Hilde Blank, selected eight teams for the second phase of the competition. The teams were asked to present and explain their vision to the jury. Based on these presentations, the jury chooses four teams to take part in the matchmaking workshops (the third phase) with AM developers. The jury report of the competition will be published after the third phase. Then the visions from the first phase are also made public.

The selection

The eight visions (with the names of the teams) selected by the jury are:

  1. Circle of Life, Roy Plevier, Jos Hoope and Sanne Knoben (HOOPE+PLEVIER)
  2. Inclusive Habitats, Flavio Martella and Maria Vittoria Tesei
  3. Sharing is caring, Stephanie Zeulevoet
  4. COMM”IN”, Laurens Boodt
  5. Niche for misfits, Kin Yoon Ji en Sungjin Lee (Seoul National University) and Myeongjae Kim (Kyung Hee University)
  6. inclusiviteit is een werkwoord, Bjorn van Raay en Esmee Mankers (Zeewaardig) and Sander van Schaik, Jip Pijs, Merel Paes (Personal Architecture)
  7. BuurtBlok, Ard Hoksbergen, Ivar van der Zwan, Art Kallen (Workshop Architecten) and Emilie Kröner en Bart van Heesch (LOLA) and Ivan Nio
  8. wrijven van subculturen, Camila Pinzon Cortes and Pepijn Verpaalen (URBANOS)

Design assignment
Later in September, the eight teams will explain their visions to the jury. In the subsequent third phase of the competition, the entrants of four selected teams will test their proposed working methods in dialogue with project developers and development managers of AM for a specific location. Based on the results of these workshops, AM finally selects one participant for the follow-up. This participant is involved in an actual assignment from the AM portfolio.

Jury The jury consists of Hilde Blank, director AM Concepts (chairman, without voting rights), Elma van Boxel, landscape architect ZUS, Like Bijlsma, spatial researcher of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), Emilie Vlieger, stadmaker / location marketer and programmer Vliegerprojecten and Edwin Oostmeijer , developer Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling bv.

Secretary of the competition is Vincent Kompier, Architectuur Lokaal, m.m. Margot de Jager.