PANORAMA NL<>SC in Glasgow

Archief bijeenkomst | 30 en 31 maart 2007

Expertmeeting The Netherlands - Scotland on landscape

Scotland is famous for its vast amounts of historic landscape and rural areas.  These have been well preserved over the centuries due to a consistent landscape policy, either official or implicit. The Dutch, by contrast, are known for their relatively new landscapes and for their skill in new landscape design. Both countries have good examples of creating new landscapes and preserving old ones. Both countries have also to deal with a range of similar forces that are operating upon their landscape such as urban sprawl, depopulation, climate changes.

The objective of PANORAMA NL<>SC is to exchange knowledge and information that might lead to innovative and inspiring ways to approach landscape policy, either through clientship, design, or process management. We have a fascinating range of articles submitted by the participants, ranging from national policy, regional and local projects, design and research, and these have been grouped accordingly.

The programme has been developed in close co-operation with the Scottish Executive’s Architecture Policy Unit and Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS).

PANORAMA EUROPA is an international exchange programme which has been developed by Architectuur Lokaal, the national architecture foundation for the Netherlands. The programme provides a European network to exchange information in the field of national architecture and urban design policy. We see ‘Europe’ as a commmunity of different nations which has the potential to open up channels for information exchange, especially in the field of physical planning and architecture policy. The challenges facing many European countries are, after all, similar, and among them are how we respond to issues such as environmental pollution, mobility, rural policies, urban restructuring, and increasing or decreasing density of the built environment.

National differences in history, culture, economics and politics result in different solutions to such planning problems. However, many of these solutions have positive attributes which are transferable across international borders and there is an ever-growing European resource of expertise in the field of commissioning architecture and in the development of architecture policies,  With this in mind, we are convinced that information exchange across Europe can lead to greater understanding of national architecture and planning issues. Over the past few years, through PANORAMA EUROPA, contacts have been developed between similar organisations, relevant public authorities, agencies and individuals, active at national policy level and in the area of European regulations and European cultural exchange. Those contacts have shown that in many European countries there is a desire for structured exchange.

The first exchange programme, which was between The Netherlands and Germany (PANORAMA NL<>D), took place in Cologne in 2002. The main themes of the exchange were architecture policy and housing development. As a result of the PANORAMA NL<>D event, a number of initiatives deriving from the programme have gained considerable momentum in Germany. Later, in

November 2004, the PANORAMA NL<>F (Flanders) event took place. This drew together representatives from Flanders and The Netherlands, and was held at the residence of the Prime Minister of Flanders in Brussels.