Architectuurbeleid Europa/ Architectural Policy Europe
België, Belgium (Vlaanderen, Flanders) / Denemarken, Denmark / Duitsland, GermanyEstland, Estonia / Ierland, Ireland / Finland / Kroatië, Croatia / Noorwegen, Norway / Oostenrijk, Austria / Schotland, Scotland / Turkije, Turkey, Zweden, Sweden

Prijsvraagcultuur / Competition Culture:
The Fulcrum is the independent, non-commercial portal on competition culture in Europe in the field of architecture. TheFulcrum aims to promote a healthy European building culture. By increasing the transparency in the market for architecture and promulgating best practices, the Fulcrum intends to lower entry barriers to public contracts, to increase the efficiency and proportionality of public procurement and to stimulate cross-border trade. The Fulcrum is an initiative of Architectuur Lokaall (NL) and the result of an ongoing collaboration with many European partners.